Granfondo Pinarello e della Marca Trevigiana, a celebration for all

Granfondo Pinarello e della Marca Trevigiana, a celebration for all

The appointment is set for Sunday, July 10, with start and finish – as always in the splendid noble heart of Treviso, in Piazza del Grano, just after the imposing Porta San Tomaso, where the whole history of the company and the worldwide brand Pinarello began. The 25th edition of the Gran Fondo Pinarello, proof of the Prestigio di Cicloturismo 2022, promises to be even newer and more exciting, technical and, as always, very generous and hospitable to all the cyclists who decide to be at the start. A FEAST for everyone, from the first to the last to arrive: this is how this Gran Fondo should be understood. An event that – thanks to the organization of the Pinarello house – has been able over the years to deserve an important and Prestigious role in the small “pool” of the most relevant events in Italy.

This year will add many side events dedicated to granfondisti, children and families. The completto program is being finalized but it will be a great celebration for the whole city of Treviso.

Attention to details, even the smallest and seemingly insignificant ones, the desire to pander to the needs of all the participants who on that mid-July weekend will be considered in beautiful Treviso as true guests of Pinarello. A FUN for everyone, for those who will participate and for those who will decide to accompany those who will decide instead to “straddle” the bike, thus spending a weekend discovering a real “pearl” of our Bel Paese. A REAL race pack, REAL refreshments, a rhythm and atmosphere of a real party punctuated throughout the day – we repeat, until the last arrival – by those who can be considered today the two best speakers of bike events in circulation: Paolo Mei and Paolo Mutton, the latter “fixed” and we already imagine him wild at the top of the Cà del Poggio tear…

And then the routes, with the Nevegal and the spectacular passage on the now legendary Cà del Poggio Wall (a “razor cut” of just over
a kilometer with peaks at 18 percent and an average of 13 percent…) over the rolling Prosecco Hills and along wonderful roads that have literally made the
Giro d’Italia history.

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