2022 Rules

25a Granfondo Pinarello

DATE: Sunday, July 10, 2020

START LOCATION: Treviso, 7.00

ROUTES: GF km 153.2 – Medio km 113.8
FEED ZONES: km 42.8 Muro di Cà del poggio, km 77.5 Casere Budui – Madean, km
126.8 (km 87.4 of the Medio) Santa Maria della Vittoria


Participation is open to anyone with an FCI license for one of the following categories: Junior Sport, Elite Sport, Master 1 / M2 / M3 / M4 / M5 / M6 / M7 / M8, Junior Women Sport, Elite Women Sport, Master Women 1 / MW2 / MW3.
Anyone with an FCI Junior Sport license (or of that age group without a license), Junior Women Sport license (or of that age group without a license), or cyclosportive license may participate outside the individual classification (team classification only) and riding a maximum of 120 km.
FCI and EPS touring cyclist licenses are not accepted.
Anyone with an EPS license with a Bike Card, together with the license issued by his or her sports promotion association license, may participate.

Participation is subject to the following requirement

For athletes with an FCI or sports promotion association license: certification of fitness for competitive cycling (certificates for other types of sports such as triathlon, duathlon, athletics, etc., are not valid)

For Italian residents without an FCI or sports promotion association license: certification of fitness to participate in sports activities with high cardiovascular intensity (as per the Ministerial Decree of 24.04.2013) as in the downloadable sample

–  For foreign residents: certification of fitness to participate in competitive cycling races, which can be issued by a doctor in their country of residence as in the downloadable sample (or equivalent)


Possession of a sports license may be considered an alternative to the verification of possession of a valid and appropriate health certification only if the license shows the DataHealth logo together with the expiration date of the certification of fitness for competitive cycling.

The organizers reserve the right to change the above in compliance with the COVID containment measures in force at the time of the event.

Participation in the event is by invitation, and the organizing committee may at any time and at its sole discretion decide whether to accept or reject a rider’s participation or to exclude a registered rider from the event if his or her presence has potential to damage the image of the event.


By signing and submitting the entry form, the rider, together with the representative of his or her team, certifies that there are no sporting sanctions, civil and/or criminal proceedings, or investigations pending against him or her for facts relating to doping, and declares that he or she has not taken — and will not take — any substances included on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list of prohibited substances. False self-certification will be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

Professional, Elite (men and women) and Under-23 riders are permitted to ride only in a promotional capacity and at the invitation of the organizing committee and may not participate in any way in the classification.

In the case of a positive doping control carried out at the GF PINARELLO, or a positive result returned in the six months following the granfondo, the rider will be required to pay to the organizing committee, as compensation for the serious damage caused to the image of the event, the sum of €25,000.00 (twenty-five thousand euros). If the rider belongs to a team or club, it will be jointly and severally liable for payment of the penalty. The amount will be donated to support youth sports development.


€ 60 from December 31, 2021, to June 30, 2022

€ 70 from July 1, 2022, to July 9, 2022


€ 75 from December 31, 2021, to June 30, 2022

€ 85 from July 1, 2022, to July 09, 2022

Foreign residents — the fee includes a one-day FCI license: riders must send a copy of their medical certification of fitness for competitive CYCLING (see Health Certificate)

€ 75 Foreign residents — the fee for those who have a UCI license: riders must attach a copy (see UCI regulations at www.uci.ch)


–        Race number

–        Giveaway

–        Mechanical assistance during the race (excluding the cost of parts)

–        Medical assistance along the route

–        Feed zones along the route

–        Broom wagon service in case of withdrawal from the race

–        Secure bike parking on Sunday

–        Hydration at the finish

–        Pasta party after the finish

–        Changing rooms and showers

–        Restrooms


The organizers reserve the right to change the above in compliance with the COVID containment measures in force at the time of the event.


During the course of the event, riders may freely choose the route best suited to their abilities as long as they respect the checkpoints along the routes, at risk of disqualification from the final classification.


The GF PINARELLO is a competitive/cyclosportive event, and therefore it is absolutely obligatory that riders respect the rules of the road. Riders passed by the “fine gara ciclistica” (“end of bike race”) vehicle continue in the event as touring cyclists but retain their race numbers. Riders must mount the race number with the transponder on their handlebars so it is visible and not rolled around the frame; the other number provided by the race organizers is to be pinned to the back of the jersey. These numbers may not be modified in any way.

A standards-compliant hard-shell helmet must be worn, buckled, for the duration of the event.

During the event, the roads are monitored by trained volunteer corner marshals, but the roads are nevertheless open to traffic and the rules of the road must absolutely be observed.


The GF PINARELLO is part of the Maglia Nera, Prestigio di Cicloturismo and Alé Challenge circuits; for the respective rules of these circuits, please visit the relevant official websites.


1-100: guests and sponsors

101-400 di merito : best rider from Circuito Alè – Maglia Nera 2021 winners

401-600 The Team

601 – 1200 Alé sign ups and Grand Prix Maglia Nera, Prestigiosi 2021

1201 – 2000 Registered for Granfondo Pinarello 2022 and dealers


Start area opens: 6:00 a.m.


Latest GRANFONDO finish time: 4:00 p.m.

Latest MEDIO FONDO finish time: 1:00 p.m.


After these cutoff times, riders will be considered out of the race. Participants can consult the timetables indicating average speeds for both routes.



Anyone who reaches COMBAI after 9:45 a.m. will be required to ride the Medio route.


REGISTRATION OPENS: December 31, 2021



On July 08 and 09, registration will be possible ONLY in Treviso at the expo area in Borgo Mazzini 9.


Registration will not be open on Sunday, July 10



Rider substitutions are possible only if the change is communicated via fax or email by July 05, 2022. A €5 administrative fee will be charged, which is to be paid on-site at the LICENSE CHECK.



Payment should be addressed to Granfondo Pinarello, Viale della Repubblica 12, 31050 Villorba (TV), Italy, and may be made during the ONLINE REGISTRATION process.


It is possible to register ONLINE with a credit card, Paypal, Satispay, or bank or wire transfer) via the official website, http://www.endu.net, using the appropriate registration form.


The organizers reserve the right to accept or reject registration requests at their sole discretion. In the event that a registration request is rejected, the registration fee will be reimbursed in full.



Riders without a license, as described in the “Participation” section, can obtain a one-day FCI license at a cost of €10. The license, which is to be requested at the time of registration, is mandatory for anyone without a license.


IMPORTANT! Only medical certifications confirming fitness to participate in competitive CYCLING events will be accepted. Certifications can be sent to segreteria@sdam.it or attached to the online registration form.


The organizers reserve the right to change the above in compliance with the COVID containment measures in force at the time of the event.



Finishers will be classified overall, by category and by team based on the number of team participants. Any request to correct the results must be made within three days of the event, in order to facilitate the compilation of circuit classifications and speed up the publication of the correct results in cycling publications.


–        First 5 teams, based on the number of team members who start

–        First 3 finishers of the Granfondo route

–        First 3 finishers of the Medio Fondo route

–        First 3 women finishers of the Granfondo route

–        First 3 women finishers of the Medio route

–        First 3 in the men’s categories Elite Sport 19–29, Master 1 30–34, Master 2 35–39, Master 3 40–44, Master 4 45–49, Master 5 50–54, Master 6 55–59, Master 7 60–64, and Master 8 65–79 (for both Granfondo and Medio routes)

–        First 3 finishers in the women’s categories Elite Women Sport 19–29, Master W1 30–39, Master W2 40–54, and Master W3 55+ (for both Granfondo and Medio routes)

–        Special prizes for the timed climbs



The timing service will be provided by SDAM Srl, official distributor of the MyLaps brand. Every rider must be equipped with his or her own SDAM chip to be classified.

The only chips that can be used are personal MySDAM chips ACTIVATED for the current season or one-day chips valid for this event only.

No other chips will work.


ACTIVATION of personal MySDAM chips can be performed at the “Punto Chip” at the race for a €10 fee or online at www.mysdam.net by the Thursday before the weekend of the event at a cost of €5.

Any rider who does not yet have a personal MySDAM chip can purchase one directly from the Punto Chip in the race packet pickup area for €15. It will be immediately activated for the 2022 season.

Alternatively, a one-day chip, valid ONLY for this event, can be rented upon payment of a €10 deposit, with €5 refunded upon chip return.

The return area will be located near the finish and will be available from 30 minutes after the arrival of the first finisher of the shortest route until 30 minutes after the arrival of the last competitor in the event.


PLEASE NOTE: Timing service is NOT guaranteed for those who do not position the chip correctly.

Failure to activate the chip will result in exclusion from the race classification.

LICENSE CHECK:              

Every participant must bring his or her license and photo ID to the RACE NUMBER PICKUP area for the license check and race number pickup, which will take place at the GF PINARELLO booth at the company headquarters at Viale della Repubblica 12 in Villorba, and in the start area, at the following times:


–        FRIDAY, July 08, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at  via del ricovero 11 (ex officina Pinarello). Jersey and race kit at the Expo Area in piazza Matteotti with the (Borgo Mazzini) 


–        SATURDAY, July 09, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. at  via del ricovero 11 (ex officina Pinarello). Jersey and race kit at the Expo Area in piazza Matteotti with the (Borgo Mazzini) 


–        SUNDAY, July 10, from 5.30 a.m. to 6:30 a.m. at the start in Treviso


For teams, the team representative may pick up all the race numbers upon presentation of the list of participants along with photocopies of their licenses and proof of payment.



The race number must be worn on the back of the jersey to enable rider identification. The number on the front of the bike must be attached to the handlebars in such a way as to be visible, at risk of exclusion from the classification. The front and back numbers will be in the same color.



If a rider is unable to participate in the event, the registration fee can be rolled over to the 2022 edition if notice of withdrawal is received via either fax or email by July 05, 2021.



The event will take place regardless of weather conditions, except in the event of a natural disaster.



There will be checkpoints at the start, at the finish and at various unannounced locations along the two routes. The race jury and authorized staff will manage the checkpoints. Anyone who starts early or misses the check at the start will be excluded from the classification.


The individual and team classifications will be published on the granfondopinarello.com website in the days following the event.


During the event, a suitable number of mechanical and medical assistance vehicles, both mobile and at fixed locations, will be present along the routes, and assistance from private follow vehicles is not allowed, at risk of disqualification of the riders assisted. An emergency number, +39 3385649798, will be available for use only in the event of a serious emergency during the race; the 118 ambulance service and helicopter rescue will be called if needed.


Along the routes, feed zones (complete and/or hydration only) will be provided only for riders wearing race numbers.

Ecozones are an initiative to support sustainability and respect for the environment. Ecozones are areas for refuse collection near the feed zones; riders may throw bottles, snack wrappers and other trash only within these areas. The ecozones will be marked along the route with identical, easily recognizable signs. The organizers, in collaboration with the FCI race commissars and organization personnel, will monitor the event to ensure that riders do not throw trash along the route outside the ecozones. Any participant who demonstrates disrespectful behavior will be excluded from the event for a year.


Police and authorized race organization vehicles will precede and escort the participants during the race, on both routes. Only vehicles of the organization with the appropriate marking (such as lead vehicles, jury, race director and broom wagon) are authorized to be on the course.


Race organization and civil protection personnel will monitor intersections and dangerous locations in agreement and collaboration with law enforcement.


To avoid potential bike theft, participants should be extremely careful during the entire event and not leave their bikes unattended, including during the pasta party after the finish.


The organizers will provide a “broom wagon” service for participants who find themselves in difficulty. Riders must wait for the race organization vehicles that will take them to the finish area. The emergency number, +39 3385649798, can also be used for information about the location of the broom wagons.


The roads are open to vehicle traffic during the event, and thus it is absolutely obligatory to follow the rules of the road. Charges will be pressed against any unregistered riders who join the event and cause damage or accidents.


Anyone seen throwing trash on the road will be reported to the race jury and excluded from the final classification. All participants are asked to maintain respectful behavior in the start area and throughout the event.


Remember that the GF PINARELLO is an amateur race, and any issue not addressed by these rules is governed by the rules of the FCI national amateur cycling commission and the UCI. The race organization accepts no responsibility for any incident occurring before, during or after the event involving participants among themselves or with any third party.


Any claims must be presented to the race jury within the required time limit and accompanied by the fee specified in the FCI rules.


By registering, I certify that the information provided to ASD GF Pinarello is correct and that I am aware that any false statements will lead to my expulsion from the event; that I have reviewed the rules of the event and fully accept them; that I am aware that participation in the Granfondo Pinarello involves an intense and prolonged physical effort and I understand the importance of achieving an adequate level of physical fitness for the event; and that I assume the risk of any accident or contact with any vehicles or other participants, and in general for the foreseeable risks associated with the activity. I authorize ASD GF Pinarello to use photographs, video footage and recordings that portray me during my participation in the event, including for advertising purposes and without financial compensation.


Information on the collection of, purposes for and methods of processing personal information and on the rights granted to data subjects by the applicable privacy legislation is set out in the privacy notice downloadable from the site under the heading “Privacy Policy.”


For information regarding special hotel rates and reservations, please contact:


IAT TREVISO – Ufficio Informazioni Turistiche della Provincia di Treviso


Via Fiumicelli 30 (c/o Camera Commercio I.A.A.)
31100 Treviso

Tel.: +39 0422 547632
Email: info@turismotreviso.it

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