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Cycling tours

Pinarello style Cycling tours, cycling holidays and holidays for cyclists

Your bike departs with you...

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Cycling tours, organizational skill and technical expertise are the three basic ingredients of Pinarello Travel: the ideal method taking a vacation with your bike. Our organization is made up of a group of individuals inextricably linked, over several decades, to the world of two wheels and numerous associated events

Pinarello Travel allows you to combine an exclusive vacation with the pleasure of cycling; to enjoy relaxing moments with your family, whilst pedaling beside professionals and industry experts whilst allowing you to share your common passion and experiences in the saddle with new friends…

Pinarello Travel offers you the opportunity to reach exotic destinations and pedal amidst roads hugged by rugged coastlines and ocean waves with pleasant climates. Non-riding companions and family members will too experience unique tours to magical places, rich in culture and learnings, as offered to all Pinarello Travel guests.


Pinarello Travel is not just about cycling: it includes a range of consulting services related to tourism, travel, flights, meetings, incentives, events and other related services. Pinarello Travel is where industry experts will assist you in achieving your most specific travel goals.


Cycling Tours and Vactions for cyclists

Cycling tours is an offering made possible by Pinarello Travel thanks to the core of our organization which provides logistical support and advice for every unique request. We offer a form of tourism which is economic, yet out of the norm to the most common tourist agency offerings.


Cycling tours attract cyclist who are generally united by a strong environmental awareness, they share a strong passion for the bike as a means of transportation and as a lifestyle. They attain a vivid curiosity for places unknown to the public and a great adaptability to unforeseen situations. Pinarello Travel has designed numerous itineraries specific to cyclists passionate in taking a vacation on their bike.


For those who love cycling holidays require particular services: mechanical assistance, access to materials for their bikes, cycling accessories, catering and accommodation. They also require experts who can map out cycling routes along safe roads and with knowledge of potential hazards; provide information about the places encountered and local delights; whilst using a combination of transport methods including trains and ferries.


These needs of the ‘travelling cyclist’ can be attained when deciding on your travel itinerary with Pinarello Travel. You can contact our office to speak to one of our cycling tour experts on: +39 0422.422192 or via email:


In order to experience our unique cycling tours, contact one of our staff to discuss further your desired itinierary and destination. We specialize in providing assistance for a range of diverse locations suitable for all levels of cyclists. We design our tours with every destination and route in mind along with several structure levels, such as the transfer of luggage between various locations on moving tours.

Our skilled staff will be at your disposal to suggest a suitable itinerary along with relevant information associated to the tour, such as accommodation, transport of luggage, bike rental or bike travel bags.