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Twenty years of Granfondo Pinarello. The 2016 will be a very special year for us, this is the reason why although the season has just ended and this year is not finished yet we already are with our mind on July 10th 2016 when we will celebrate with you all this so important goal for our Family.

The Twentieth Anniversary of Pina Cycling Marathon will take place on the birthday of Giovanni "Nani" Pinarello, founder of our company, as a matter of fact the event was created to celebrate in a special way his 75th anniversary. And we will make special your presence in Treviso to remind with us that day, 20 years ago, and building with you the future for this wonderful event.

We have decided not to change the path that you liked so much in 2015. Two cycling routes to discover with your bike some beautiful and spectacular climbs that Treviso cycling fans consider as a benchmark and that carry with them the history of our land and our country.

The departure from Piazza del Grano in 2016 will have an even more intense meaning since here is located the historic shop in which "Nani" gave birth to the company that still bears his name around the world.

We will start together at 7:30 towards Viale Burchiellati coming out from the walls through Varco Manzoni towards Pontebbana and Ponte dell  Priula.

Those who will choose the Long will have to deal with the ramps of the historic Passo San Boldo one of memorable passes connecting the province of Treviso to that of Belluno. Of Roman origins, during ‘800 was also used by raftmen from Belluno coming back home after bringing the rafts in Venice along the Piave. It's also known as the "road of 100 days" because, after the defeat at Caporetto, Austrian troops built the road with a series of tunnels in a very short time, considering it a strategic militarily pass. This is one of the favorite climbs by cyclists from Treviso with its 7 km length, a slope often around 10% and 18 hairpin bends, the most during last kilometers, offering from the top a spectacular view. Landed in Belluno landscape you will enter Treviso territory only after having conquered Passo Praderadego, but this year you will ride on the opposite side respect last years. Even here with these gradients it’s no time to make jokes: almost 9km with some parts of the race routes between 16% and 17%. A great achievement to be remembered!

Then you will return to Treviso, not before facing a La Pina classic, the last terrible climb: the “Presa XIV” of Montello, just more than 3 KMs, with one having a slope between 10% and 12%. Conquered the summit, after a brief stop at the refreshment you can start again the race towards Treviso and Piazza del Grano to celebrate the undertaking with a slice of fresh watermelon.

We wait for you on July 10th, 2016. Don't miss the event!